You know it's nearing Christmas when it's snowing outside, and you're curled up with a blanket - tea at hand - watching Zoella's 2015 vlogmas!

Judging from my Instagram, a few of you have already seen a couple of my photos from my citybreak to the Lithuanian capital, and seeing from your lovely comments over there, I thought I may as well show the rest of the piccies over here, in form of a photo diary!

Day 1 // exploring the city

 We spent our first day in Vilnius ambling around the medieval Old Town. Its architecture was incredible - a patchwork of gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical styles.

The cobbled streets were bustling, and a hub for cozy cafes and street markets selling homemade wares such as knitted socks and fur hats. 

Day 2 // Trakai

 The next day we ventured into Trakai, known for its historic castle, about 28 km outside of Vilnius.

Trakai was also home to cutesy market stalls, selling the usual souvenirs, and bits and bobs.

Trakai is particularly known for its kybyn (basically Cornish pasties to you and me) filled with different variations of meat  - chicken, pork, lamb - as well as cottage cheese and spinach. 

The pastel wooden houses of Trakai were oh-so-photogenic - I had to snap them!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the photography, as I luckily received a Sony Cybershot for my birthday, so leave your thoughts below!



  1. These photos are gorgeous! Xoxo

  2. All these photos are so pretty! I can 100% tell the difference with the new camera <3
    Morgan //

  3. I love the photos, hope you enjoyed your trip!

    Gabija x |

  4. Wow this place looks gorgeous - some beautiful photos too!

    Check out my recent? ♥

  5. Your pictures are amazing, what camera did you use?
    I nominated you for then 'Sunshine Blog Award' - check out my post: xx

  6. I hadn't heard of this city but it looks so cute in photos and a great place for a weekend getaway! Great post ♡ Lily xx

  7. Looks like you had such a lovely time, these pictures are so beautiful. I love a cornish pasty so your Tarkai sounded great.